2014 Optometry's Meeting Course Recording - Severe headache, dizziness and anxiety are common ailments, yet current treatments (medications, therapies, etc.) are minimally effective in alleviating symptoms. We describe how Vertical Heterophoria and Superior Oblique Palsy (VH/SOP) (which affects 5-10% of the population) are causative of these symptoms in many of these patients, and how our new diagnostic and treatment method achieves an 80% reduction of symptoms. We also describe our success with alleviating persistent post-TBI/ABI symptoms by treating the concomitant VH/SOP.
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Seminar Date:
June 25, 2014
High Eye, Captain! A Surprisingly Common Cause of Severe Headache, Dizziness and Anxiety: A New Understanding of Vertical Binocular Dysfunction
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Jennifer Doble MD
Debby Feinberg OD
Mark Rosner MD
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