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  • Online Learning Home: takes you to the home page
  • Help: give information to obtain help with this site
  • My Account: Account Profile; My Learning, My Orders, Manage Credit, and Account Preferences
  • My Learning: Classroom Search; On-Demand Programs
  • My Credit: Education Credit Profile.
  • My Learning:
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User Terminology

  • Articles: short, informative documents
  • Videos: recorded content that may include a recorded live lecture, a recorded live webinar, or a hands-on procedure
  • Webinars: live content that may include a PowerPoint
  • Self-Paced Courses: compilation courses that included content around the same topic; this can be completed all at once or over a time period
  • eCommerce: the ability to purchase some courses and content within the EyeLern learning management system
  • Certificate of Completion: denotes professional development and traning has occurred; this is a certificate from the AOA to indicate the topics and dates the learning occurred
  • Continuing Education Credit Certificate: denotes continuing education for credit occurred and includes the number of credits earned by completing the course/submittion the quiz for review
  • Credit Profile: houses credit information corresponding to the user's progress and completion of courses as well as certificates earned; each course in a user's classroom will show credit as either Pending, Submitted or Expired
  • Streaming: On-demanded recorded video/audio content
  • View Online: Free AOA courses in which users can instantly access e-learning content by selecting "View Online"

For technical issues like the ones listed below, please contact Freestone Support:  

  • A video won’t play
  • You can’t claim your credits
  • A course has no content within it
  • The system won’t let you take a quiz
For content and access issues like the ones listed below, please contact the AOA Education Center:
  • You forgot your login/password
  • You want to dispute a question or an answer to a quiz
  • You can’t locate certain content after using the ‘search’ feature

How to Log into EyeLearn
How to Conduct a Content Search
How to View Your EyeLearn Course
How to Purchase a Course in EyeLearn
How to Take a Quiz and Submit for Credit
How to Download and Print Certificate