Not Just An Eye Exam

In the world of optometry, there are always new patients who have a limited understanding of a comprehensive exam. The patient who is used to sitting down and reading the eye chart, buying his or her glasses, and walking out with them in less than an hour is very likely uneducated about the importance of comprehensive eye care. Patients call daily to book eye exams for “glasses,” sometimes unaware that there is a much deeper need for a comprehensive exam. A paraoptometric gets the pleasure of introducing these patients to a new way of experiencing eye health care. The flow in which an office moves a patient can vary greatly from practice to practice, but each element outlined in this paper differentiates a comprehensive exam from a quick “box store” refraction

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Seminar Date:
April 24, 2019
Seminar Objectives
  • To gain the knowledge to provide a comprehensive eye exam to the patient. This type of eye exam assesses the overall health of a person's eyes as it relates to the health of their entire being. This comprehensive approach to eye health empowers a patient to understand how overall health awareness can set them up for success in everyday life through visual functionality
Not Just an Eye Exam
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Brandi Phoenix
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American Optometric Association
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