An OD's Guide to Optic Nerve Swelling

There is not much more intimidating for an optometrist during a normal clinic day than for a patient to come in complaining of vision loss and the dilated fundus exams reveals a swollen optic nerve(s). This course hopes to serve as a clinical guide to systematically take a step by step method to point you to the probable diagnosis and ultimate treatment options.

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Seminar Date:
June 26, 2020
Seminar Objectives
  • 1. Attendees should be able to understand the importance of case history and reviewing systemic health in diagnosis of optic nerve swelling
  • 2. Attendees should be able to apply a systematic step by step approach to help identify causes of optic nerve swelling
  • 3. Attendees should have a better understanding of appropriate neuroimaging and treatment options for optic nerve swelling
  • 4. Attendees should be able to easily identify most common causes of unilateral vs bilateral optic nerve swelling.
An OD's Guide to Optic Nerve Swelling
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James Hill
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