Eye Care Part 1

This team-taught course is designed to update the clinician in the latest advances in the medical management of eye diseases. The discussion will center around current and evolving trends in the eye care world. Emphasis will be given to sharpening the clinician's skills in diagnosing and medically managing a variety of ocular disease entities. The lecture team will share helpful clinical pearls that they have accumulated from over 70+ years of clinical practice while remaining immersed in the latest medical research and literature

Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
June 26, 2020
Seminar Objectives
  • 1. Provide a practical, clinical base of information regarding the current trends in medical management
  • 2. Perform a comprehensive evaluation to diagnose ocular conditions and discuss treatment options.
  • 3. To provide information from various forms of research materials and literature as it applies to diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders.
  • 4. Gain a better understanding so that an informed choice on the use of various drugs and treatment modalities can be made.
  • 5. To present medical management options that will allow all in attendance to gain more confidence in their assessment and treatment of the challenges encountered.
  • 6. To motivate the doctor to continually read the literature in order to keep up with the quickly changing advances in medical management.
Eye Care Part 1
Speaker Information
Ron Melton and Randall Thomas
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