Introduction to Scleral Contact Lens Fitting and Practice

Scleral lenses are the fastest growing segment of the gas permeable (GP) contact lens industry, and for good reason.  From keratoconus to trauma to healthy eyes, sclerals are making a profound impact on our patients' quality of life.  This course is for optometrists, optometry students, and paraoptometrics who are new to fitting scleral contact lenses.  We will also discuss how to grow their scleral lens practice.  We will present information on patient recruitment, optimal patient flow, use of technology, optimal scleral lens fitting procedures, and how to troubleshoot the most common complications.  We will discuss the latest scleral lens research and utilize patient cases to enhance clinical understanding.

Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
June 27, 2020
Seminar Objectives
  • 1. To learn the indications for and benefits of scleral GP contact lenses.
  • 2. To learn how to incorporate scleral contact lenses into clinical practice, including patient recruitment and office flow.
  • 3. To learn in-office scleral lens fitting techniques.
Introduction to Scleral Contact Lens Fitting and Practice
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Susan Gromacki
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