Hiring Power - Building a Dynamic Team

Description- this course is design to teach skills on how to find the employee best suited for your practice. It will include a 4 step interview process to evaluate the candidates and there potential. You will be able to know if they can perform the job duties you are hiring for before you hire them.  It will include input from your current staff. This will create ownership of success for all staff involved in the process.

Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
June 26, 2020
Seminar Objectives
  • 1) How to hire new employees that are compatible to work with your current staff .
  • 2) A systematic way to interview prospective employees
  • 3) Steps to involve your current team in the hiring process
  • 4) How to really know what you are looking for in a new employee
  • 5) Steps to know what to expect in your new employee
Hiring Power - Building a Dynamic Team
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Beverly Roberts
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