Paraoptometric Examination Item-Writing Workshop

If you are one of many paraoptometrics who are passionate about providing quality eyecare to your patients, you must also be invested in the future of optometry as new technologies and procedures come along. Paraoptometrics earn a certification to demonstrate current knowledge and competence for personal and professional satisfaction and growth. To remain certified, you must continue seeking professional growth and participate in continuing education opportunities. One way to do this is by helping others become certified. Every year, the paraoptometric examinations are reviewed and updated. The CPC depends on passionate, knowledgeable, and experienced staff to help us with the development of quality examinations. To do this, we need certified paraoptometrics to write current, relevant, and quality questions for each examination. In return for your time, the CPC awards continuing education credits. For every 5 questions (called items) that you write and submit in accordance with the instructions, you will receive 1 CE credit. Are you ready to get started?

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Seminar Date:
February 10, 2021
Paraoptometric Examination Item-Writing Workshop
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