SGRC Scope Roundtable

The goal of this course is to provide information to affiliates who are preparing for a scope effort in the next few years, an opportunity to hear firsthand experiences from states who have most recently pursued this specific legislation and all that
entails. By enabling organic and open conversations related to best practices and expectations on the process as a whole, it will provide greater insight on what steps should be taken to best prepare for a successful scope of practice legislative effort.

Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
May 13, 2021
SGRC Scope Roundtable
Speaker Information
Linda Aldy   [ view bio ]
Dr. Matt Burchett
Dr. Richard Christoph  [ view bio ]
Kari Cline   [ view bio ]
Dr. Dana Day  [ view bio ]
Dr. Matt Jones   [ view bio ]
Geoff Knapp  [ view bio ]
Dr. Tad Kosanovich   [ view bio ]
Dr. Bob Layman  [ view bio ]
Dr. Jeremy Nett  [ view bio ]
Dr. Bill Reynolds   [ view bio ]
Joe Ricci  [ view bio ]
Dr. Derri Sandberg  [ view bio ]
Dr. Belinda Starkey  [ view bio ]
Niki Terzieff   [ view bio ]
Dr. Ryan Wally  [ view bio ]
Dr. Wayne Zahka  [ view bio ]
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